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Christmas Day

posted Dec 23, 2014, 6:15 AM by Site Admin
On Christmas day we give honor to Christ's birth 
From Heaven above, He was sent down to Earth. 
He was sent as a sacrifice, right from the start 
By accepting Jesus, from our sins we will part. 

He shared God's wisdom, with all of mankind 
Doing great miracles, healing the sick and the blind! 
On Christmas day focus on why He came here 
And please, don't forget Him the rest of the year! 

He wants you to seek Him and pray every day 
For if you follow Him, you won't lose your way! 
You should love Him more than husband or wife 
Because by following Him you gain eternal life!

So, ask Jesus to come and be your Savior and friend 
And he will stay with you right up to the end. 
But, the end is the beginning of living with Him 
If you'll ask His forgiveness, and repent of your sin! 

By Ron Mach Copyright 2011