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Blessed or Lucky?

posted Dec 16, 2014, 11:51 AM by Site Admin
About three weeks ago, I went to meet with several people, who were buying old cars, that I was selling for a deceased friend's estate.  I always parked under a giant pine tree for shade.  On this particular day, as I pulled in a voice said "park next to the other car" and I pulled in next to it.  About a half hour later, a friend from town came out in the back and said "you sure are lucky, that big pine tree fell down and missed your pickup by about four feet!"  I went out front and was able to move my pickup by entering the passenger door only.  Then my friend held the branches away to prevent scratching the paint further.  The vehicle had only minor scratches.  Had I parked in my usual spot, my truck would have been totaled!  I thanked God for the warning and sparing my truck.
Then, two weeks ago, a pine tree fell on my property missing my 10x20 storage shed by two feet.  Could it have been luck, coincidence or God's protection?  Think what you will, but I believe it was God's protection!  I'm blessed, not lucky!

R. G. Mach

Published in the Antigo Shopper 12-09-2014